Wellness Care

Preventive care is the basis for helping our patients live long, healthy lives. From the first puppy and kitten visits all the way through their senior years, we treat each of our patients as individuals. Our recommendations on vaccines, nutrition, parasite control and health issues are tailored to the needs of each animal and their human family.

New puppies and kittens will visit us several times during their first few months of life. During these first exams we monitor their health as they grow, and we use positive reinforcement and gentle handling to teach them that the vet’s office is a great place to be! Vaccine recommendations are based on age, lifestyle and home environment. It is our preference to spread out vaccines especially for smaller puppies and kittens. Our knowledgeable team members will also make recommendations on parasite control, house training, litter box issues, pet health insurance, behavior and nutrition.

For our healthy adult patients, we recommend an annual complete physical which is an important time for us to detect disease early before an owner might see symptoms. Exams often reveal problems such as dental disease, heart murmurs, sore joints, enlarged organs or skin masses to name a few. Laboratory results from blood, fecal and urine samples can give us a look inside the patient to detect early kidney or liver disease, intestinal parasites or urinary tract infections. Early detection allows us to plan further diagnostics, start treatment, adjust diets or add supplements to help improve or even correct the underlying disease. Sometimes early detection can make a significant difference in the long term outcome for the patient.

For our older patients or those with chronic health issues, more frequent exams may be recommended. No two patients, even with the same disease, are exactly alike. Because our pets age much more rapidly than we do, a lot can change in a few months. It is important to us that pet owners are well informed about their pet’s condition so they can understand and participate in the treatment plan. We maintain a referral relationship with many local specialists who treat patients with problems such as orthopedic issues, eye disorders, severe chronic skin disease, cancer, or even behavioral concerns.

With a team approach, open communication and excellent veterinary care, we can work together to provide you and your pet the options and support to attain the best health possible.