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Helpful Articles

Helpful Articles

Recognizing and Addressing Pet Pain

Part of an animal’s nature is to hide the pain that they feel. While hiding pain used to serve as a survival mechanism in the wild, it now makes it […]

Scratch That Itch: Understanding and Managing Itchy Pets

As pet owners, we know how uncomfortable itchy pets can be. Whether it’s incessant scratching, biting, or licking, watching our furry friends suffer from itchiness can be distressing. But what […]

What You Need to Know: Heartworms, Fleas, and Ticks

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, you might spend more time outside with your pets. Increased outdoor time is great for both you and your pet, […]

The Importance of Dental Health for Your Pet

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and we’re taking the opportunity to answer common questions about dental healthcare for your pets! Why does my pet need dental care? Dental […]

Importance of Wellness Exams

What Are Wellness Exams? Like human check-ups, wellness exams are annual or bi-annual visits to ensure your pet is healthy. Wellness exams are an excellent opportunity to discuss concerns or […]

COVID-19 Update- Welcome Back (Again)

We are so excited to announce that we returning to our soft opening phase effective 2/7/22! During this phase, one owner wearing a mask is allowed in the exam room […]

COVID-19 Update

We would like to thank everyone for their unwavering support these past few months as we are all navigating through very unprecedented times. Unfortunately, due to the rise in COVID […]

COVID 19 Update- Welcome Back!

We would first like to thank you for your patience over this past year. We are SO excited to announce our “soft opening” effective 6/2/21. We cannot wait to see […]

Welcoming Dr. Filion to Shoreline Animal Hospital!

We are thrilled to share the news that Dr. Genevieve Filion will be joining the team at Shoreline Animal Hospital in March. We could not have asked for a more […]

COVID-19 Update

We wanted to take a moment to extend a huge thank you for your continued loyalty and patience over the past several months. We love our clients and are so […]

New PetDesk App!!

We wanted to let everyone know that we have changed our clinic notification system to PetDesk. There is also a new user-friendly mobile app that comes with it! The app […]