House Calls

We know that for some pets, the process of getting in the car and traveling to the vet’s office is much more stressful than the exam or the vaccines. Many pets simply don’t get the care they need because it is too difficult to get them to the office for an appointment, and too stressful for their owners. Some pet owners are unable to drive or physically lift their pets into the car. And at the end of a pet’s life many clients prefer to have a home visit for euthanasia to keep their beloved friend as happy and comfortable as possible while saying goodbye. For all of these reasons we offer non- urgent housecalls for our clients.

Because we are a small practice we can’t accommodate emergency house calls; we need at least a few days notice in most cases to schedule a home visit. For routine appointments we ask that you have your cats confined in a small room or bathroom before the appointment because they are very good at finding those extra special hiding places when visitors appear! We ask that dogs be on a leash when we arrive. We will call you when the doctor is leaving the office to let you know we are on our way.

Please call our office for assistance scheduling a house call visit for your pet.